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The Railway Reserve – Our Little Slice of Heaven

Lots of people use our Reserve for different reasons – walking for pleasure, biking to commute from Richmond and Stoke; riding for fun – scooters, skaters, biking; children come and go from school along the Reserve, planting and caring for trees.

Lots of people want it to remain the little “slice of heaven” they experience it as.

Hear from lots of different people in this video about their views on the idea of a possible road to bring trucks through town to the port.

This has been used as a campaign for Council issue for many years.

A green space such as this in a city like Nelson is a valuable asset in its own right.  Let’s keep it that way and continue to enhance the existing beauty and wonder of it for people, and birds, trees and plants.


 Some students at Victory Primary School in Nelson, New Zealand did a study unit called Transporting Me. The focus of the unit was sustainability, the ecology of transport, and on different ways we get around. Part of the students’ learning was also around City Council processes and how decisions are made.

There was a range of ways the students communicated what they learned including: scientific reports, presentations, speeches and making a DVD. The priority for the school has been to enable students to see their learning process through to conclusion. The student’s DVD on the Railway Reserve represents the conclusion of that Inquiry Unit learning process.

In the first part of the DVD, Railway Reserve users share their thoughts about the Reserve and then share their thoughts about the proposed road.

The Victory Primary School Story (Short Version)

This video tells the story of Victory Primary School.

Mark Brown, the school principal, was the driving force and leader behind the family-centred focus at the school which has produced outstanding results.

Victory Primary School is a Decile 3 school with a rich diversity of cultures ( approx. 40% Maori students and 20% refugee).

Victory School has shown that by enrolling not only the student but also their family, they all have a stake in the school.

By taking a family-centred approach and by opening the school up to its community, Victory School has addressed many of the problems concerning pupil behaviour.

This is a compelling, uplifting story that challenges all schools to take similar action.
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