Free Food Box

Every day we receive donations of bread, fruit, and vegetables from individuals, organisations, and shops in our community.

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This food is then put into the Free Food Box, outside the main door at VCC. You are always welcome to drop into the centre and pick up some bread and a bag of food when it’s available. It’s all free.  However, we always appreciate some kind of giving back – time, resources.

Big thanks to Community Fruit Harvesting Nelson.
These guys are truly amazing! They pick fruit from backyards and orchards. Then they distribute the fruit to community groups like us.

They are always on the lookout for more gardens and trees to pick, and more helpers to do the picking. If you’d like to get involved with CFH Nelson, then contact the coordinator – Diana Parr.

Diana Parr
P: 546 6825, or 021 256 2718

Checkout CFH Nelson on Facebook.