Victory Community Centre works on a sustainable financial structure of 6 funding streams so that we are more stable and resilient if any one stream reduces its flow.

The six funding streams are:
– Contracts with government to deliver services or projects.
– Grants from local and national philanthropic organisations.
– Sponsorship by businesses
– VCC enterprises – venue hire and products we generate
– Fundraising activities and events
– Private or business Donations

The funding challenge:
Funding a community organisation is an ongoing challenge ~ and, also offers continuing creative opportunities.  Government funding changes due to the policy climate of the day and many other external funding sources are often changing criteria and systems.

These dynamics caused a significant cash-flow crisis for us in late 2015, and while we were supported very well by many locals to come through, the current funding climate continues to have implications on our general functioning.

We continue to find new ways of funding ourselves so that we can protect our centre from further funding cuts, and we will always develop new projects / supports to meet the needs of the future.

The VCC Funding Team:
In 2016 as a response to our funding crisis, some people stepped up to help us set up a VCC Fundraising Team.  We are now meeting regularly and actively exploring how to raise more funds. We are making deliberate steps to become independent, sustainable and resilient.

How you can help OR learn how to help:
We are always keen to bring on new people with great ideas, skills or just plain care and enthusiasm for our community centre, to join in and be involved with any aspect of planning and running new funding projects.

If you would like to offer your existing skills or to be among a team and learn about

  • event management
  • entrepreneurship
  • online marketing
    social enterprise

please contact Kindra – details below.

And, of course, we always appreciate it, if it’s easier to just Make A Donation.

P: 546 8381