Keep Kids Warm & Active

Here’s a great story about how one person with a simple idea can make a huge difference in the community.

Glenn Bisdee noticed that many kids in Nelson live in old houses which are cold in winter. He came up with the idea to give children a heater for their bedroom.

First, he got support from Hybrid Homes – they supplied him with the first batch of 60 ceramic heaters.  Next, he came and talked with Penny, our Be Well nurse, who knew which kids would benefit most. Then Glenn installed them.  They called this project Keeping Kids Warm.

Glenn also bought each child a new winter jacket from Mountain Designs who were closing their Nelson store. The kids were totally blown away to have new clothes.

The next year, 2015, VCC got some funding from Nelson City Council for the project.  And now (July 2016) we have given out of 72 heaters, and 30 tonnes of firewood.
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Next, Glenn went to Mega Mitre 10, who gave him a discount deal on 70 free-standing heaters.

Penny came up with the idea to expand the scope of the project to Keep Kids Warm & Active. After all, being active keeps kids warm too. So, now some of the funding is used so to help kids join in team sports and other recreation activities.

In early 2016, we got a funding boost for this project from St Andrews Family Trust and then more heaters through Bunnings, who offered a new style of energy efficient heater.

Thanks Glenn. You’re a star!

You can support the Keep Kids Warm & Active project:
If you wish to donate heaters or new winter clothing to this project, please contact Glenn directly.

Alternatively, you can donate to VCC and we will pass it on to Glenn. Make sure you put the reference code KKW&A against your donation, so we know it’s for this project.

Glenn Bisdee
Phone: 027 734 4044