Keep Victory Safe

logo - keep victory safe - 600 x 400Everyone has a right to be safe and feel safe – in Victory.
Keep Victory Safe (KVS) has been a unique community-led project carried out over 2 years.

The KVS project was initiated in 2014 because we identified a need to clearly identify issues about safety in the Victory area, and address them at a grass-roots level.

KVS focused on building stronger neighbourhood connections and goodwill, in order to reduce crime and unsociable behaviours in Victory Village.

The project was carried out by Gayle Petch (KVS Community Developer) and Marcia Higgs (KVS Project Manager).

Marcia and Gayle started by doing a door-to-door survey in order to find out your concerns about safety in VCC, and get your ideas about how to make Victory Village a safer and more enjoyable place to live, work or visit.

One major issue was people’s concern about safety at the VCC shops and Victory Square park. At the root of that issue was the liquor shop and the behaviour of drunk people in Victory Square park.

KVS successfully lobbied to have the liquor shop license revoked and have security cameras installed at the VCC shops.

KVS also worked closely with residents, the police, and the business community to foster awareness that safety in the area is about everyone working together, valuing each other and their connection to Victory.

Everyone has a part to play, because it’s our village, our home.

While  the KVS project is now officially completed, KVS is integrated into the ongoing mission of VCC.

Special thanks to:
– Our main funders – JR McKenzie Trust.
– Maya Speers who designed the winning logo.

More info:
You can find out more about the KVS project in:
The the final VCC report for our funders. There are lots of other links to websites in this report which may be of interest as well.
This is our Victory – the NZ Police summary report (Powerpoint)

KVS vision: Be safe, feel safe.
Victory is a village where everybody feels safe, valued and empowered.

KVS Mission:
The mission of KVS is to increase safety in Victory by building healthy relationships between everybody in Victory community.

Strong neighbourhood connections increase people’s sense of safety, belonging and pride.

KVS Values and principles:
KVS works with the values of the 5 ways of well-being:
Connect, Me Whakawhanaunga
Give, Tukua
Take Notice, Me aro tonu
Keep Learning, Me ako tonu
Be Active, Me kori tonu

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about safety in Victory, please feel free to contact us at the centre.

P: 546 8381
H: Mon – Fri: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm (but not Wednesday)