VCC hosts the PORSE workers for the Victory area.

PORSE offers affordable, flexible childcare and early childhood education which provides the best possible start for your child.

PORSE provides in-home childcare services by Home Educators and Nannies, who care for your child either individually or in a small group setting (no more than four children in care at any one time).

Your child’s individual programme will be tailored by a PORSE Educator or Nanny to reflect the values and expectations of your family while supporting your child’s unique learning style, any special needs, routines and play habits.

Our programmes support parents to learn more about how to nurture children during the most important years of play, learning and development.

Stephanie Smith (Programme Tutor / Consultant)
P:  545 9228 / 021 832 984
E:   stephanie.smith@porse.co.nz
W: www.porse.co.nz

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