Victory Garden

Established in 2004, Victory Garden is a unique and valued part of the Victory Primary School campus and supported by some community activity.

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Victory Garden has now become integrated into Victory Primary School activities through their Garden-to-Tableprogramme and through their commitment to Enviro Schools.   The garden is student-led learn-by-doing resource, closely integrated with their curriculum.
Opportunities for community gardening are limited with no garden coordinator now being available.

We welcome supporters to be part of helping children learn about growing food and all the related garden activities. Please contact them direct 548 4779 or

The garden is an outdoor learning space supporting all who wish to learn about how to grow food.  They can also learn the various composting methods (managed by school students), mulching, seed raising, worm farming, tool use and management. School students are now managing all food waste from the school and the centre through their commitment to Enviro-Schools and are linking other projects with their learning in the garden.

VCC Handbooks:
We have produced 3 very useful books:
Growing Fruit and Nuts & Grow Food @ Home_guide
Community Food growing in Nelson

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You can download these handbooks by clicking on the links above. We also sell the print version for $10 each.

Main garden area:
The central garden is a mandala – a large circle with segments for different plantings, and rotating throughout the seasons.  There is a shed for tools and equipment, a shade and seedling house – sheltered and warm for seedlings, and cooler and ventilated for plants before being planted out.  A small octagonal pergola is for sitting and eating.  The incomplete pizza oven area sits alongside the herb garden.

Composting reduces the amount of food and garden waste that goes into landfills, it also increases soil fertility, which means bigger, healthier plants.

Lots of worms means healthy soil. Worms are great for your garden. They do a fantastic job breaking down dead organic matter into nutrients that your plants can use.

It’s really easy to grow thousands of worms at home, in a your own worm farm. You can use the worm castings and the worm juice (liquid from the worm farm) as fertiliser.

Interested in your own farm? We can help.  Check out the Guide to building & caring for a worm farm for all you need to know.

You can buy worms to start your worm farm from VCC reception. $10 for an ice-cream container (please bring your own).


VCC reception
P: 546 8389

Garden Supporters:
Nelson City Council; Red Cross; World Wildlife Fund; Methodist Social Action

Photo Gallery: Making of the waharoa.

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